Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Whirlwind Christmas Trip

Well, when you live far from family, every trip home seems like a whirlwind. So many people to see, so little time, very little relaxing! OK, we did relax, but not much :) Always so thankful for all we have and those we love! But getting there....quite the adventure.

With Tim traveling up until we left, it didn't leave us much time to prepare for our holiday "tour of the mid-west," but we made it. Tim packed all day on the the 21st and we set out that evening after I got off work. You couldn't see out the back of our Commander. Seriously considering a mini-van! We drove half way to Indianapolis - feeding Lula an entire McDonald's cheeseburger along the way. She then had an official meltdown at the hotel in WV - one of her weird phobias along with elevators, but someday she'll learn to love a vacation! It only took about an hour, and a total obsession with the walk-in shower (part 2 of this story) to calm her down. The next morning, not so good with the shower, we tried to get her to take a shower, and again - she freaked. Now, 3 weeks later....she still doesn't want to bathe.

We drove through Ohio for the first time (beautiful!) and made it to Indy mid-afternoon. We spent some great time with the family celebrating Dave and Leah's nuptials and the holidays. It was beautiful! And yes, they guys wore tuxes from Jim's Formal Wear. Lula did not walk down the aisle, as I suspected, but had a great time playing with her new cousin (a goose egg on her head to prove it) and her Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. I, unfortunately, developed a lovely chest cold that continued to progress....negatively.

Lula and Mommy at the wedding
After 2.5 days in Indy, we headed to Nashville and spent the week with more family - including the Fords, Sieferts, Parkers, Spindlers, Baimas, Winchesters, Blackburns, Povolishes, Renkens, Pinskis, Stamps, Holtgrewes...and more! My cold turned into bronchitis, but thank goodness Tim and Lula didn't get it - until we got home that is!

Lula and Kinley Povolish doing some cooking in their pjs!

Ford Family Xmas Eve Party - Peyton and Tim show off their Camo Toes!
Overall, Lula had more Christmas than she knows what to do with - we are seriously going to have to ration toys...until her birthday when it all starts again! She got some fantastic gifts though - she is one lucky little girl who is so loved. And she gives her love right back, she started saying "Papa and Gampa" to Brett and Bruce on this trip (first in Indy, then in IL again), makes my heart so happy! "Mom-meeee" is now loud and clear too, I love her little voice and all her words. Exciting to hear people's names as she says about 100 animals already! She may have gotten one "Gam" out - not sure, but don't worry Grandma' day is coming!

We headed back on Dec. 30 so we could be home to celebrate New Year's in our home for the first time. Ever. Unfortunately - instead of staying up to celebrate, we were in bed at 11pm since we worked on getting organized all day and Tim was in the first stages of his sickness. This meant we didn't make it up to Uncle Tim and Aunt Sharon's New Year's day - but they should thank us for not bringing them bronchitis! We stayed home with chicken noodle soup and football. Not too bad really.

Whew! For 2012 we'd like to take a vacation from our recent vacation...and we'd like to wish everyone a happy, healthy New Year!

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