Thursday, October 4, 2012

Waiting for Aunt A!

Our house is filled with anticipation...well, I think. I know I'm SUPER excited - Lula, well, it's hard to tell sometimes if she really "gets" that she is about to have company. Tim is on the road, so he will just be glad for me to have another adult to lean on. My sister, Amber, is coming in tonight! We saw her quite a bit on our last visit home in early August, but it is amazing how much Lula has already changed in that time period. Sometimes being so far away from your family makes time go by sooo slowly between visits, but we've all had a busy couple months...and thank goodness for Skype - but there is nothing like having Amber (or any family member or friend from home) here in person.

We're planning to have lots of fun! Lula's most recent obsession (aside from princesses and Fresh Beat Band) is all things Halloween, especially pumpkins...and spiders...and candy. The plan is to take Aunt A pumpkin picking this weekend - it's truly fall and we cannot wait to get out and enjoy the season!

Witching you a Happy Halloween!
Now let me count my suckers again...