Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mommy and Lula day...what to do?!

Girls Only Today...Again

Today is one of those especially tough days when Tim's been gone all week, and then has to leave again on Sunday. He got up early, before Lula was even awake, so he didn't have to leave the night before. Try explaining that to a 2.5 year old! We miss him already, but what is really hard for me, is knowing how much he misses us. We are so proud of him though, such a great role model for Lula.

This also leaves us with a big question, what will Lula and mommy do today??? It is actually going to be a nice day and we're so ready for spring! Perhaps we run some errands and play outside, or go to Stony Point or Short Pump mall where there are lots of things to explore outside (and inside for mommy). Church, gym, errands...and fun! Let's get our day started little lady :)