Sunday, January 8, 2012

Preparing for departure AND arrival!

One of the downsides of a "traveling salesman"....traveling. Tim is usually gone about four days a week, but this week, six. Not fun. And the weekend goes way too fast! Sunday nights are a treasure, and yet tonight, a little sad knowing he has to leave tomorrow and won't be back until Saturday. BUT - this time there is a silver lining...Gram comes to save the day! Just so happens that my mom already had a trip planned for this week, thankfully. Not sure how six days would feel otherwise - I don't think we've gone that long since Lula was born. So in my blue mood of Tim hitting the road, I am also excited to have my mom in town! Yeah for Gram! We are going to welcome her with open arms...and then put her to work!

Christmas is still up at our house since we've all been sick - I'm over the tree; we have some work in the new playroom, deep cleaning of the tile and hardwood floors (I'm a little OCD on my floors), clothes to retire for Lula....the list is endless! Looking forward to some good mom time, work and play :)

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