Monday, February 6, 2012

Ready for Spring and Healthier Weather

For those not in VA - let me start by saying we really haven't had winter this year. However, our temps go from upper 20's to 70 in just a couple days...and it is terrible for my household and our immune systems! For whatever reason, we just can't get healthy. We spent the holidays with bronchitis, which faded into a few weeks of head colds, recovered slightly, and end up with the tummy bug...add teething to this for our toddler, and it makes for JOYOUS times. We've missed work, parties, the Superbowl and other events...not a fun start to 2012. So even though we haven't had a rough winter and I'd love for Lula to experience sledding and some really good snow, I am ready for steadily increasing temps and sun. That means I either need an extended vacation (take me to the beach), or fast-forward to April.

In other news, Lula had a new first - wearing mommy's shoes.  Now this warms my heart!
Mommy's chus
She amazes me - even when she is having a bad day or not feeling well, she still has fun every day. You have to love the imagination and ingenuity of a toddler. Whether she is wearing a bowl on her head, or mommy's big shoes, the bottom line is she is having fun. She can tear up the house, shred a roll of toilet paper in the living room (yes, she has), or make pretend food to feed her babies and animals. She makes the sun shine in this house everyday. So bring on the cold, flu, crazy weather...inside the Stamps house, there is a warm-front!
Like my hat?

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