Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Busy Fall With A Milestone ;-)

I know I've slacked off on the blog - but it has been a busy fall! We had the Fresh Beat Concert, Halloween, vacation to Charleston, an unexpected trip home...Thanksgiving with my family in RIC and Tim's in Fredericksburg. AND - we went to see Santa already! Whew...but fast-forward to now and here we are....

Since turning two, Lula has become Miss Independent. Well, let's be honest - she's always been that way; HOWEVER, since turning two she has really well...she's started testing us. Big time. She wants to determine bedtime, meals, clothes...did she turn two - or 22? LOL, it's not all bad by any means - it's exciting to watch her become her own little person. She's expressing herself in more ways than ever, and has such a silly and fun way about her. I love to hear her tell me "won more tiome mommy, won more" as much as I dislike (and secretly like) hearing "No. I no do dat!" She is full of surprises everyday!

We are still working on potty training and sleeping in her big girl bed, but we've said "bye bye" to the binky! Three weeks and counting now, and she pretty much quit cold turkey (seasonal pun intended). The holidays have been so fun this year as she starts to understand them and enjoy the traditions; and she gets super excited with each new thing (right now it's 'nowmen, Snanta, reinneer, kissmas tees and baby Jebus'). After visiting Santa last week at Papa's favorite Bass Pro Shop, she won't stop telling me about the "talking moose and catching that bear - roooaarrrr" - I LOVE IT! Especially since she was scared to death of all the animals, which she now remembers fondly. So sweet.

As we get back to normal this week following the holiday, we're doing it alone again as Tim travels to IL for a conference (Gram and Papa headed back to IL too). And though it is a tough phase as Lula grows into Miss Independent, we'll get by just fine. She's not only learning to express herself in new ways, but she's learning to follow rules and listen more too! My baby is growing up, but I know I'm gaining quite the little friend - which warms my heart.

We can't wait for our holiday trip home, and even more excited to experience Christmas through her eyes again this year...such a blessing we have in her!


My Beach Babe!

Her serious side...

Getting ready for Snanta!


  1. Beautiful fam Jennifer. Sounds like you're doing great!

  2. Thanks, Amani! She keeps us busy. Hope you all are well, too!