Monday, June 4, 2012

Spring Sprung...and Summer is Coming

Well, the Stamps family has had a great summer kick off! Squirrels game (Lula's first baseball outing), family visits, my birthday, duck/goose visits and fun in the sun.

Lula "helping" plant flowers

After some initial fears, she loved it. Now she is ready for the
pool at Brandermill Country Club!

With mixed feelings, June means the end of prom - no more 12+ hour days, but it is back to reality for Tim as he hits the road again this week. The first few days are never fun as we readjust - and we hate it when FaceTime doesn't work! Have to say, Lula gave him a sweet send-off this morning. Lots of hugs, kisses and "bye-bye daddy" choruses. He will surely miss her this week, which is hard for me to think about too...wish we could just jump in the van with him some weeks (such a sweet ride Tim has for work). Move over headless mannequins - we're taking the HOV lane for real this time! (just FYI, he doesn't always drive around with headless mannequins in the van, just sometimes when accounts need new displays - nor does he take the HOV lane to DC with them - that would be illegal, and just weird, thought I should clarify)

Hopefully we keep the injuries and cat fights to a minimum while he is gone. I'll probably be all bleary-eyed from lack of sleep though, two-year molars are making their presence known lately and that makes us both irritable. Good news is, we have just three weeks until vacation - AND Gram is still here for another week! We are ready for some R&R in Southern Illinois - we can't wait to see everyone :)

Yes - we let her run around with wild geese, only they're
hardly wild, since everyone at Sunday Park feeds them. My dad
especially - brings his own corn from Wiese's farm! Of course he does :)

How has your summer started out? Let me know, or visit my other blog to learn about our family history through recipes -

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